You are probably wasting 40% of your ad spend

Click Fraud and bot attacks make up around 20% of most companies ad spend

We can help you get more for your ad spend with our click fraud reduction service and our smart advertising campaigns.

Stop wasting money


Did you know that up to 40% of your ad spend could be wasted. imagine this scenario. You are spending £5000 a month on paid advertising, 30% of that is wasted due to click fraud. That means that you are only getting value for the remaining 70% thats £3500 actual spend from your initial £5000.  To top that off 50% of your remaining spend is probably wasted due to bad account set up, overlooking things, stagnation or just plain not knowing how to set up your ads. So out of a potential £5000 ad spend you might only be seing advertising benefit from £1750. Thats only 35% of your initial budget!!!

We want to help you get the best value from your advertising.

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